My Angels

This is not the best picture I've ever taken of the Little Misses but I like it!
It's Mr K's suit they're wearing - nothing funnier to two little girls to dress up in Daddy's clothes and sing into their skipping rope when they're supposed to be cleaning their teeth and getting to bed!
I'm struggling to remember anything about today - the days are starting to all merge into one long round of school runs, uniform sorting, PE kit remembering and homework!
And a tired Miss E trying her best to get used to it.
I did have to laugh as I drove her to swimming after school: I asked really gently "is there anything you want to tell me about your day, or do you just want some quiet time?"
When I got to "want some......" she bellowed "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!"
It was like a flashforward to the teenage years!

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