The Last Peony

Dear Diary,

Matt came and dead headed all the spent iris and peonies but a couple peony blooms were still fine on so we left them.  Then, we got some torrential rains late yesterday and I rushed out to save the last peony, bravely hanging on.  I thought it was perfect to post on the last day of June...where did the month go?  Yesterday it was "carpe diem", today it is carpe peony!

The lawn was supposed to be mowed today but no chance of that.  I hope Andrew can come tomorrow.  With all our planning and need to be in control, the weather will do what it will do and we all just have to work around it.

I am quite excited about my new project, scrap booking all the old family photographs.  I hope to post a photograph of one of the pages tomorrow.  I am trying to make the book "interactive", where the viewer must open letters and folders or pull out sections.  It will not be a passive experience for those who will open the scrap book years from now!

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