Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Day 4 - another rainy day, so we spent the morning in Tenby. We'd walked up and down the high street a few times but hadn't gone in many shops, so we did the tour. Pose found her dream shoes in a cool shop, and we printed some photos to send to G's Grandma in a birthday card.

Back to Stowaway where we'd had ice cream - this time for brunch. We sat right in the back under the archway - very cosy and warm and perfect for cake and coffee and board games.

We got pasties for lunch, then decided to drive somewhere for the afternoon. Piero wanted to go to St Govan's Head, which we did. Insaaanely good views but a cliff path quite close to the edge for such a windy day. There was lots of shouting at each other to stand further back.

We walked all around the headland, and found a beautiful little beach tucked down in a cove, with amazing caves in the cliffs (I used one to have a wee in, such a classy lady).

Back home eventually, we packed up the house a bit while Pose cooked fajitas with all our leftover veg, which we ate while watching Charlie's Angels under our duvets.

Had our traditional evening walk, got rid of our recycling in various recycling bins and headed down to the beach. The tide was just on its way out, so one by one we managed to time little darting runs around the cliff onto the next bit of beach (lots of squealing).

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