Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Packed our bags and then went out for brunch with a view. Back to grab our stuff and then to Oystermouth Castle just up the road. We thought it was worth a visit but that it wouldn’t take more than half an hour - there ended up being much more castle than we’d bargained for!

We hadn’t made plans for today because we had our big bags but our train wasn’t until 5.30 so had plenty of time for one last trip to Caswell (we got the bus though).

There was a big school group in our spot when we arrived so we hovered awkwardly and then swooped when they left. Had our last swim and then I went and got chips to eat in our spot.

The Swansea Air Show is this weekend so our bus back was quite late and then got stuck in terrible traffic trying to avoid road closures. In the end we had to ask the driver if we could jump out and we power-walked to the station to catch our train.

We’d got cheap first class tickets so loaded up on free refreshments on the first train - this ended up to be a good idea because the second part of the journey was a bus replacement and the third part was a tiny train with no first class, let alone refreshments. Got home about 8.45.

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