One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Ferry excited

So long Dublin!
We left bright and early after an all too short night, more of a sizeable nap really, and managed not to forget too many items.
Finnzy was a bit apprehensive about the ferry (watching Titanic last month wasn't perhaps such a great idea...) but the day was bright, calm and windless, and the Irish Sea more like a big lake. He soon realised that the chances of having to fight for a space on a lifeboat were pretty slim.

During the drive through Wales and England, the kids were surprisingly good at the back. They watched Mamma Mia (thankfully with the headphones on, while I listened to some decent music, and the voice of the sat nav woman) and Father Ted (unfortunately with the headphones on, while I listened to Mrs Raheny's Abba compilation, and the voice of the sat nav woman).

The decision to avoid motorways between Holyhead and Cambridge was a good one. It only adds 25 minutes to the journey and we got to see some lovely bits of rural England. And 479 roundabouts.

Well, it would only have been an extra 25 minutes if the silly sat nav woman had not gotten confused with the roadworks before Nottingham, and sent us on a 5-mile-stretch-of-northbound-M1-with-no-possibility-of-doing-a-u-turn.


The extra 40 minutes, on top of the extra 25 minutes, meant that we arrived in Cambridge later than planned. And Luca's fever was up again... Everybody was tired at this stage and we only drove down the road to get a very tasty shish kebab from a little Turkish restaurant and had to give up on the idea of going down to the city centre for a stroll.

Luca, when he was not busy working his way through several dozens tissues, found the time to remark that the hotel is kinda cool. It really reminds him of the room where Alan Partridge lives.

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