One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Jackpot, baby!

This little wee bugger has just scored the jackpot. 
There is just enough space to park his buggy between Mum's zingy machine, which is happily swallowing her child benefits, and Auntie Pam's zingy machine, which is happily swallowing Uncle's Frank's disability allowance (the fact that he died back in 1998 and the Social Welfare never copped on to the fact is but a technicality). 

On the way back from Ballybulgan, I stopped with the kids for 25 minutes in Bundoran, to show them this mini Irish Las Vegas. A lot of people try to have fun losing money in gambling machines. It was most instructive. It will save them going to the real Vegas one day, which is just as crap, a lot more expensive, and doesn't have the lovely smell of salt and vinegar chips everywhere... 

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