MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

Are those solar panels?

Last night was spent late out at Cambridge with Mikkel and my friend Sahil. Sahil toured us around MIT campus, and then treated me to some hot chocolate and career advice. I'm not sure which type of faculty I'd like to be. Top tier? Is that too focused and stressful with not enough emphasis on teaching? I'll probably still apply for it :)

Today was spent mostly in transit. I said goodbye to Mikkel in the morning and hopped a cab from a nice man (who also had to deliver food to an old woman who had apparently lived with him for 8 months while she was homeless). I flew through JFK again and noticed that these might be solar panels on top of the terminal. I've always thought airports were one of the most logical places to install solar panels... I guess these could be lighting as well, but I'll pretend they're PVs.

When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I made a quick stop over at my mom's colleague's house to pick up my new kitten, Jacaré. More on THAT later. :)

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