MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

The Homecoming of a Kitten

He's 6 weeks old and a chocolate black color. His eyes used to be blue but he's still ridiculously adorable. His name, Jacaré, means cayman in Portuguese (why not?). Fortunately he's pretty well litter-trained (knock on wood) and just about anything is a toy. Unfortunately the toy list includes my feet. He's given me my first >2" gash, but I probably shouldn't have been letting him crawl around on my bare shoulders... :) lessons learned!

He is a pretty happy cat and when not being playful with my toes, he likes to curl up in my lap or on my shoulder and just sleep. Last night he managed to climb up on my bed and he slept either on my stomach or in my hand the whole night. We'll work on his modeling.. as it turns out, getting a kitten to sit still for a photo has a low probability of working out.

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