Little Buskers

I took exactly two photos today, both of this group of kids playing violins at the Farmer's Market this morning. I called Helena this morning to see if she'd like to go out for breakfast. I was pretty sure she could use some company and I knew I could. She was delighted so I met her at "Eat" and we both indulged in their fantastic French toast with almond cream filling. It was so good that we were joking about being alone with our French toast. The waitress got in on the act. It was great for both Helena and me to be having a happy time together.

We walked up to the Farmer's Market after breakfast so I could get some rye bread and yummy goodies from my favorite bread vendor, Raven Bread. We didn't stop long. We walked to the car and headed into Fairhaven. Helena was looking for a new purse and she liked the one I had gotten at a great art store that also happens to have purses. She found one she liked. 

Next we walked by and went into a lovely shop with nice clothes. I ended up buying a lovely deep purple shirt. Next stop, 12th Street Shoes. Helena was looking for some comfortable black sandals. While she looked I poked around and found a really lovely teal sandal, last pair, happened to be in my size. It fit perfectly so I bought it. And Helena got a pair she loved too. Our shopping done we headed to the bookstore to browse and then headed home. 

In the evening I dressed up a bit and headed off to Western Washington University for the first concert of the Bellingham Festival of Music. I went early to hear the pre-concert talk and was interested to hear both of the composers whose music was to be played describe what was going on when they composed their pieces. Then came the concert.

What a way to start the festival. We were on our feet after every piece. I loved it all. Marc-Andre Hamelin was amazing. His fingers flew. I loved both of the new pieces and the Firebird was fiery and wonderful. I've never seen this orchestra so large and so loud - in a good way. It was an amazing concert.

Here is what they played: 
Patrick HarlinRapture
RachmaninoffRhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini (Marc-Andre Hamelin, Piano)
Ben TaylorAurum Tetra, Concerto For String Quartet (Calidore Quartet) World Premiere
StravinskyFirebird Suite (1919 Version)

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