A wet Winter walk

Bessie didn't mind her paws being wet, as soon as we let her off her lead she trotted off, Bessie is staying with us until Tuesday while youngest Son & Family are away camping, what a wet, wild, night they must have had.
Bessie & Milo our Lab both have the same Fathers, Their Dad is a Labrador Retriever named Tyler, Tyler lives on a property on 4.5 hectare of land in Todyay, one day Tyler decided to go walk about on the property, he came across another dog out for a stroll, and then Bessie came into being.
The neighbouring land owner was not best pleased his dog decided to stroll onto someone else land or happy that she came home and had puppies a few months later, Tyler was blamed, so they had one of the litter, Bessie.
Tyler went to a breeder a few years later to sire another litter of puppies and Milo was born, the only chocolate one in the litter.
My extra is the two of them together. They both often see their Dad up in Todyay, they are all in the Family mix.

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