Alwinton dusk

MrM declared that we should have lunch in the cafe in Wooler today, and so we did, after browsing round the junk antique shops. 

In the afternoon I packed a picnic and MrM drove us down to Alwinton. We ate at a forest picnic site (lovely part from the little biting insects!), and had a short walk with Louie before going on to St Michael and All Angels Church (extra) in Alwinton for the last of this year's summer concerts, by Clockmakers, a jazz trio. Jazz isn't my favourite genre, especially some of the modern dissonant stuff, and I had no idea what to expect of this evening. But this was something else again - three amazing musicians (on guitar, piano and clarinet) playing some fabulous music, some of it sublimely beautiful. At times they were accompanied by the sound of artillery and shell fire from military exercises on the Otterburn ranges! Mystery of the evening - how on earth did they get the grand piano into the church?!

Afterwards, took a few photos as the sun was going down. You can just about see Alwinton Church in the  distance in the blip.

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