Wolfe Island

The photo of Steve in this ICAD I made is from 2006, which was my second year visiting Wolfe Island in Ontario where his grandmother was born.... We took a walk down the dirt road, past beautiful wild flowers to a sweet little bay. Steve has gone to this island every summer since he was born, except for the ones he has missed since moving to Florida with me. It is quite a hike from here to there and so we have not gone every year. We always drove there (3 days up, 3 days back) so we could take the dogs with us. Asia did not do well without Steve. We would be there for usually 2 weeks.

Tomorrow we are FLYING to the island for the first time since we moved to Florida in 2009. Actually, we will fly into New York, then rent a car and drive a few hours to catch a ferry in Cape Vincent. I am sure this will seem much easier than doing those three 8 hour days of driving! We'll only stay one week because we are leaving Chloe & the 2 cats home with a sitter. Also, because we live on the water in Florida now, the lure of the property on the St Lawrence river is not as great for Steven as it was when we lived in Connecticut. But, this is his family homestead, his aunt, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, cousinettes . . . visit the property in the summer and it is full of his life. Steve's dad designed and built the cottage we stay in . . . he still has kin on the island! Wolfe Island is the largest of the 1000 Islands. I look forward to it. It is a beautiful, rural, farming island that is a very calming place to visit. I am going to try to unplug from the news a bit while on the island. 

But I should be able to blip any photos I take with my Samsung phone's camera. I am bringing my Lumix Panasonic as well, I just won't be able to do anything with the photos till I get back home -no laptop to transfer them to this time. I will visit as I can, I have a "Travel Pass" to use my regular phone data while in Canada. My passport is packed and my art supplies are in a satchel! See you on the flip side :o) 

Past blips from Wolfe Island.

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