Scarborough Castle

We had a day out in Scarborough today.  It started with a swim, then a lovely lunch, then a run around the castle, then ice-cream on the beach.

This photo is from the castle.  MrsCyclops and I last came here in 2004 - the year before we got married and long before CyclopsJnr was around.  I looked back at the pictures from that trip, and weirdly there is one of me messing about in the same medieval cupboard CyclopsJnr was playing in today... 

We did offer CyclopsJnr the chance to be in this photo, but he wasn't interested.  So I took a nice photo of just MrsCyclops and I.  We used to take lots of these but recently we haven't so much.  We've either had photos of one of us with CyclopsJnr, or of the three of us together.  The fact we could do this partly reflects that CyclopsJnr can now be left to his own devices for 20 seconds at a time fairly safely - even on top of a castle tower!

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