It didn't rain when we left, but we knew the predictions were not good. After a few kilometers, it started, seemingly without an end.
The route north was one of heights and doubts too. I couldn't get the strength to cycle up to the tops and had trouble with my gears, my brakes, and my mood. I started wondering whether I am not getting too old for this way of holidaying, or maybe rather would like to do something else. Maybe I need an electric bicycle.

In Wigton, we took shelter in a restaurant for a long time. We needed a lot of room to hang or clothes upon, but the people didn't mind and suggested us going to London, where the sun is shining and the temperature on its best.

In Bowness-on-Solway we rented a cabin for the night. I don't think there is any reminder of the Hadrian Wall, but at least we sleep at Wallsend.

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