Singing in the rain

Apparently it's been warm and dry today - in the south of England. Not so in North Northumberland, where it's been decidedly chilly and raining on and off all day. It was chucking it down when MrM and I took Louie for his walk on the Common - we didn't go very far round the path, and even Louie was keen to turn back to the car! No-one else around - just a few bedraggled birds.

Felt quite sorry for an elderly lady I met on the bus on the way home. She'd come up on the train from Dorset for a holiday in Wooler, and left the good weather behind her. Hope the sun re-appears soon.

Home alone this evening after a very short rehearsal for the Glendale Festival - MrM's gone down to Scots Gap to practise guitar with his friend Mike. Louie permitting, I'm hoping for a relaxing evening...

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