An online friend in real life

You know when you think that you have your blip 'in the bag' early in the day and then something extraordinary happens...?

This morning I took some rather lovely photos of wild flowers on the Meadows, convinced that these would make it into my journal tonight. However, this evening on my walk home from work I spotted the man pictured on the right in my blip. He was sitting outside a pub with another man.  He and I have been Facebook friends for some time but have never met: he lives in Harrogate. We recognised one another right away and were both quite excited to have finally found each other.

I rang Mr hazelh to invite him join us for a drink, then I photographed the pair of them together. I think that they could be related...

Earlier on campus: 7 meetings.

In Northumberland: my father survived his second day in hospital and is now back at home.

Exercise today: sit-ups, weights and stretches; walk to work (13,464 steps).

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