Another go..

at getting that perfect owl closeup. Tonight he caught me by surprise. As usual I had given up hope of seeing him, then as if by magic he appeared. Although I have this zoom, it still isn't zoomy enough to get him clear and in focus, unless he comes closer to me. He flew off towards our allotment and I took several (which I deleted) and this and one other which vaguely show his outline. I will keep trying! It gives me something to do on the dog walk, which isn't my first choice of how to spend my evening.

Work was as normal, still chipping away at old cases, then left about 5. Traffic going out of Norwich was very heavy and I fell asleep on the bus to the park and ride car park. Home about 6.15 and it has literally been non stop jobs since I got in. I couldn't believe it was 10 when I sat down with my cup of tea to do the blip. I really needed to be in bed at 10.

So this is short and sweet. Mollie and Henry have both helped with ironing tonight and Henry hung out the washing. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

The sewing I had planned will have to wait until...well, it looks like next week now. Parents evening tomorrow, and I was considering coming to Linton after work Friday if anyone wants to see me? No actual plans made, but I am meeting friends in Cambridge Saturday, so thought I could do Friday evening long overdue catch up. Anyone?

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