Chapelfield hares

On a very brief trip over to the Chapelfield shopping centre in Norwich, at lunchtime today, I trapped 4 more hares. The one that particularly caught my eye is top right, covered in 50p coins. As an avid coin collector, with a few 50s missing from my folder I scoured his back and sides. What did I think I would do if I had spotted the missing coin? No hammer and chisel in my pocket so I moved on to the next one.

Work was as work is. A busy place to be, whichever desk you sit at, and mine is no exception. I also had two separate visits from members who wanted figures and processas explained. I think I moaned a bit more than usual, but only because I want things to be up to date when I leave off Tuesday, and it felt like obstacles were springing from nowhere to stop me!

Home at 6 and Jon had cooked dinner. He went off to scouts and after the washing up I walked to the allotment with Mollie, Ralph, my bike and a compost bin (a big one).I tried to get the bin in my car but it wouldn't fit so we took turns to carry it/push the bike. Once there, we picked a small amount of raspberries, broad beans (all of them, which will be just enough for me for one meal), a few mange tout and no eggs. Still two broody hens.

Home, tea and bed. I had hoped to do weeding on the bank of the stream but ran out of day. Tomorrow is prom/shopping, so weeding will be Saturday...afternoon preferably!

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