Henry's School Prom

I drove in to work and parked in the car park near the office (£6 all day, so I only do it on special occasions!) Today, I wanted to be home in time to see Henry all dressed up in his suit, before he left for a friends house, from where a group of them were going to go together to the prom.

I did my hours at work and was out at 4 on the dot. Home at 4.50. Henry was ready to go. He looked lovely. So grown up. I took some photo's, but in the end i liked this one of all of them, which i took just after Henry and his friends had arrived at the venue. A lovely rural place called The Cottage, in Northrepps. There was a bit of a saga. They were the last to arrive. The had met at one of the girls houses, and were due to arrive by tractor (which they did - see the extra) but only after going to the wrong place initially - they were a little late in arriving at The Cottage, but got a big cheer when they did get there.

We left them, and walked back through the woods down to the scout hut in Cromer where we had parked. From there, the 4 of us got fish and chips and sat overlooking the sea to eat them. Is every day a holiday when you live this close to the sea? If I didn't have to work, I guess it would be.

Other news from today? Jon has made an amazing start to the summerhouse. All it needs is a floor, roof and doors. He aims to finish it on Sunday. It looks great, and we are all relieved that it doesn't stand out too much - as in the size. It is very pale but I need to buy something to paint on to treat it, and in time the colour will become more subdued. It is going to be a great space and Dan can't wait to have a room of his own, after 3 years without one!

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