The job is on...

No, it isn't a giant garden jenga, it's all the jigsaw pieces that will eventually become our summer house. I think to call it a challenge is an understatement, but I've every faith in Jon! As the base is now dry he has got the stuff out of the garage ready to start the assembly.

Work was very busy in the morning, having to fit a whole days worth of regular tasks into just the morning. I managed some but not all. At 1pm we all headed off to and afternoon of team building...well, the start of something akin to that. Hopefully more will come of the discussions we had today.

The good thing was I got home early (5pm) but being Wednesday I felt totally shattered and sat down with my eyes shut for half an hour before cooking dinner.

Dinner consisted of my home grown potatoes, plus some mange tout bulked out with frozen shop bought beans! Mint from the garden and fish - this time shop bought, but I must send the boys down to the pier with a fishing rod next time! I even stretched another small bowl of raspberries and strawberries (2!) between 5 for pudding.

I've just been to my last tap session for the term. As we are away next week, it is my last one. When we restart in September we will be starting show dances!! Woohoo...if I want to I can be in a show! Hmmm. I might do it just for the sparkly outfit.....

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