By pensionspoet

Week 6 day 3

That's post 25 minute run. And a few hours later, after a shower and my dinner, and copious amounts of water, my face STILL looks like a beetroot. I hope I'm back to normal by tomorrow or I'm going to need a lot of foundation on!

The run was about as joyous as my day at work. It is always like this just before a holiday, but I can only do so much. What I hate is coming back to it, plus another weeks worth, which is why I want to clear it all before I go off.

It's been a warm day. I went to my fave charity shop and bought a lovely 1950s Esso map of London. I can think of a couple of my friends who would appreciate it's loveliness. Perhaps it would have made a better blip than old beetroot head, but I'm feeling quite proud of us (Moll & I) for running for 25 minutes non stop - which my fakefitbit says was 3.08 k (Mollie's said it was 3.8k but pretty sure mine was more right) I'm amazed at it. That 'ouch25k' program seems to work!

Off to do some watering now. Then various last minute holiday jobs to do.

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