Hare selection

Another few hares for you today. It has been an extremely busy day. Several of the team on leave and more calls than usual. I'm failing in my attempt to get on top of things before my holiday next week. What I don't get done, will have to be picked up by my colleagues.

So getting out at lunchtime, even for a short walk was welcome, and we found 3 hares. I wandered after parting from my walking companions, killing a whole hour.

I worked until 5.30 and when I got back at 6.30 Jon and Trevor had finished the cement so we now have a big concrete platform, which is drying. Hopefully Jon will be able to start building the base on Friday after work.

I started to watch the football but got bored. So I've done some prep for the holiday: written out the route, bought tickets for the Eden Project and made a list of places to visit, nice beaches and how far places are from the campsite.

I think I'm going to go to bed now. I know the football is important but I'll hear the result later!

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