Allotment time & interview result

We were shattered after our weekend in Cambridgeshire, and even with a relatively early night i didn't want to get up this morning. Then I remembered that we were due to find out the result of last Thursday's job interview. That jolted me into life a bit.

It was a bit like groundhog day for the 3 of us who had applied for this job. We had all applied in January, for the same role, (last job was in a different team). Obviously we went through the same emotions then as now. The interview was a little different, but however much you want to hide nerves, feel confident, act as if it isn't bothering you, for me anyway, it is pretty hard. My heart is there on my sleeve like a giant red Belisha beacon to attract attention to my every mood (or warn people off!)I tried to get on with my work until at around 11, when I got a call to go downstairs.

I am happy to say that today was my day, I got offered the job, and feel like I've won the lottery! Not financially, obviously, this is the council, but it has given me a positive boost. I am enormously grateful to the interview panel for their belief in me. I promise to believe in myself a whole lot more from now on. I am on a journey, and it has been small steps. I'm going to do a good job, and I am really happy to have been given this opportunity. I'm sorry to the other two who didn't make it this time, but they are both keen and growing in experience and their time will definitely come. So another move for me, that will be 3 teams in just over 2 years, and I've loved being in both of these teams,so I know I'm going to feel the same those few feet up the office with a new group of people (I already know them, but it changes when you work WITH people, rather than alongside them). I'll be closer to the door, but further from the photocopier! Just a question of 351 tasks to complete for my old job now.....

I got home about 5.30 and zonked out on the sofa in the conservatory. I still love that space more than anywhere else. Sat and drank tea with Jon and chatted about what we need to do for Strumpshaw Fair which is in 3 weeks time, where he is going to have a stand demonstrating his Bushcraft. 22nd and 23rd July if you want to put it in your diary. It is set to be a lovely day. Come down and make a whistle, whittle a spoon or light a fire.

After dinner, we loaded up the wheelbarrow with old carpet and my spade and walked to the allotment. There we laid the bits out, the size and shape of the next bed (see extra). It will be a start to killing off what is underneath. We tried to rig up a big plastic sheet so that it will catch rain in our buckets, but it needs more thought. I have an idea in my head, so we will try it next time. Jon is going to bring a giant plastic box home next time he brings the trailer. That should be Thursday. Then we can think again. The weeds are growing well, but we have to concentrate on a small area. Sunday is booked in as an allotment day!

So that's it. Another Monday ebbed away, but a significant one for me. I have felt happy and more positive. Perhaps things are looking up for us at last? I hope so.

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