By GracieG

Lavender's Blue...etc.

Well, actually,'s lavender!  B and I went for a morning trip to Norfolk Lavender today.  We were a little later than our trip last year and some of the lavender was being the smell was really intense. bluebells, it's damn awkward stuff to photograph well.  The site is close to a main road and a busy junction and the area of lavender available to photograph is fairly small which is challenging,  we did our best however.  We were treated to a Peacock and his brood (see extra of a juvenile peacock) chasing each other through the flower beds. According to the gardener we spoke to they are very naughty and always up to no good. We saw one later grappling with the remains of some toast no doubt picked up from a discarded plate from the tables outside the cafe!
It was a very relaxing morning...helped of course by an enormous slice of 'Lavender' sponge cake (which we shared) and a coffee.

Apologies for lack of comments over the past few days...hope to catch up tomorrow.

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