By GracieG

I thought you said I was ‘free’ range!

I bought a new lens this morning…a Nikon 105mm 2:8 macro lens.  I’ve wanted a new one for ages but they are so expensive and I kept procrastinating.   Then Wex in Norwich sent me a £20 off voucher, so I finally got round to going along and happily they had a used one with a year’s warranty at a much reduced price, so I treated myself.
B suggested we go along to Felbrigg this afternoon to try it out (thanks B).  I’m absolutely delighted with it and now I’ve got so many images to choose from I didn’t know what to blip.  However, this hen, was among a small flock being watched over by a very splendid cockerel but difficult to photograph as they were behind a gate…but I couldn’t resist this one.
I’ve added a couple of extras taken with the same lens too.

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