Well today certainly started off with a bang, you might say.  The painters who are finishing up their work on our barn moronically left Rubicon's stall door wide open, and of course the damn horse saw his opportunity to have an adventure, and made his escape to go frolic out on the road.  I grabbed a bucket with some horse treats in it, and went to try to lure him back to the stable.  I carelessly dropped the bucket, and when I went to retrieve it, I slipped on the dewy grass and fell.  I heard a sickening snap, and saw stars.  In attempting to break my fall, I instead managed to break the ulna and radius of my right arm. 

After an ambulance ride to our local hospital, it was determined that I had a nasty radial distal displacement fracture which will need surgery tomorrow morning to install a plate and screws.  Ugh.  In considerable pain, and feeling rather nauseous -- especially after they had to manipulate my arm to line up the bones properly.  Like some sort of medieval torture.  Let's hope things will feel better after tomorrow.

Typing this labouriously with one hand ... apologies for any typos, and for my lack of commenting over the next couple of days ... typing is slow and difficult!

PS:  The horse is back where he belongs, safe and sound.

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