Posing perfectly in the Sun

Interesting day at work. My second customer had computer problems so what should have taken an hour took three. Since my third load would have been late they gave it to another driver and I was sent to shuttle trailers.. Two bonuses came with that.. No north Seattle and I got off early. 

Of course I went straight to see my dad.. It was nice to see him feisty today. He was really upset his body wouldn't let him walk. So we talked about his time in Germany, that the boogie man wasn't after him and he was safe and secure where he was at..

On my way home I stopped by to see the swallows. They have made a home at a local park. This one patiently waited for me to take this photo. I got my truck back today at work and will likely be spending tomorrow night in it..

As for the extra. I can't figure out what bird it is and if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks.  Yes thats a swallow behind it.. This bird stopped for a few seconds before the swallows chased it off. 

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