Fagbreak in Cambridge

We went to Cambridge this morning and after coffee and flapjack we walked around the town until it was time to meet some friends in Livingstone’s Café. Then before coming home we visited Parker’s Piece as there was an event on with a French market. It was very noisy with various bands competing with each other, lots of people, as to be expected; the food on the French market stalls looked uninviting with flies buzzing round. We decided it was not for us and came home.

I am always on the lookout for pictures to tag as “fagbreak” something started a while ago by martindawe. Generally I do not get any, but today, like busses three came along, the main picture and two extras. All three were taken within a few yards of each other, the man on the left with the stripy top has almost finished his cigarette, the man in the first extra turned his back on me as I started to photograph him; little did he know that it was his cigarette and not his face that I wanted in my picture!

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