A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

Forgotten sons

Evening all,

A muriel of Penistone's most famous son, Nicholas Saunderson,
the blind chemist who taught himself to read as a child by tracing with his fingers the words on the gravestones in the Penistone churchyard.

I feel this may have led to a rather limited vocabulary for old nick, which in turn may have made him somewhat a depressing conversationalist and not neccessarily the first name on the dinner party list.

mind you, He was renowned for being able to whip out his old chap, hold it like a drumstick and tap out all the notes to Greensleeves using a turkey carcass as the drum,

Ah, they said " its the boy with Penis tone, "

and so his reputation, like his jam, spread far and wide..

Night all.


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