Thorns and a unicorn!

A 'bitty' sort of day! After a very late start (none of us, including Louie, came to until after 9.30am) and a couple of cups of strong coffee, we went for the usual walk on the Common with Louie. Then it was a few chores, a bit of gardening (time in the workshop for MrM) and a few more chores.

But in the middle of all this, MrM and I took a couple of hours off and went to look round the gardens at Lilburn Tower. The gardens are open for charity only 2 or 3 times a year, and they're worth a visit. Amazing formal gardens with colourful borders, a herb garden, a pond garden, a kitchen garden and some very pleasant wild meadows and woodland walks and more. We came across a rose bush with these vicious red thorns (see extra too). And a unicorn (extra) - MrM maintains that it's a horse, but I think otherwise...

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