At the beginning of last week, disaster struck! A very minor disaster - just an inconvenience really...

...The strap on my trusty leather rucksack broke. Must have had it 8 or 9 years and, in that time, I've used it almost every day for work. It's small enough to serve as a large 'handbag', and big enough to hold all sorts of junk everything I need for the day, including my lunch and a camera and, quite often, a lightweight waterproof jacket or umbrella! It was hand-made in the UK. I liked it - a lot - so decided to order another just the same, but it will take 28+ days to arrive.

In the meantime, I've been using a much smaller shoulder bag and, by the end of the week, wondering why I'd suddenly developed severe back pain on one side only. Then it dawned - I've been warned not to carry a bag over one shoulder! Luckily, the outdoor shop opposite had this on offer - it's a little bigger than I need and rather high-tech for my purposes, but will do nicely until the new 'handbag' arrives. Then it will be a useful small day sack. Problem solved, one-sided back pain gone!

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