An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Let the Good Times Roll...


I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long. 

Way back in January for my 50th birthday, LeeAnne and Dr T told me that as a special birthday treat they wanted to take me to the Strathearn Restaurant at Gleneagles for Sunday lunch.  Wow!  We agreed it would be better to wait till summer when hopefully the weather would be sunny and warm.   We also agreed it would be a good idea if they arrived the day before to start the celebrations early.

Well today was that day and they arrived in time for lunch.  We deliberated for seconds a few minutes over whether to have coffee with lunch but decided that champagne was the way to go.

After lunch we headed out into the sunshine to the Gin Palace, taking the champagne with us (LeeAnne switched to rose wine but Gail and I managed to stick with the champagne ;-)

After few very merry hours in the Gin Palace (don't forget ladies, I have a torch ;-)) we headed back to the house and they went for a swim in the pool.  What a scream.  I wish I could share some of the photos but they would kill me :-))  

After dinner, we sojourned to the garden room with more champagne, with David once again being the perfect butler, making sure we had everything we needed to continue having a good time.  

In the end, LeeAnne bailed out first and although Gail and I weren't far behind, LeeAnne was already raising the roof from her room.  Glad to have another snorer in the house :-))  

A fantastic day :-)

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