... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 124: Mr. and Leafy Reflections

More peaceful in large.
Back blip

I was back home (home home...) in London with family over the weekend, and saw a lot of the Goosles. Our neighbours have a pair of young Burmese cats/kittens which are very playful, and we (also) had fun playing with and photographing their antics...

My other pictures from London are all on Flickr here (with the cats right from here, and Goosles right from here).

Other (Goosle) favourites:
Gosling close-up with bokeh
Beaded gosling close-up
Mr. with the goslings
Punky and purposeful
Mr. hates the cootling 1; Mr. hates the cootling 2
Mrs. with a peering gosling
Gosling close-up with colourful background

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