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Hi everyone.

For those of you that post links to your blips on Facebook, we wanted to let you know that from today you may start seeing changes to the way thumbnails are displayed there.

For the non-technical: we used to be able to pass over information to Facebook with each link, which asked it to use a custom thumbnail if you'd set one. That way the link on Facebook should look roughly the same as the thumbnail on Blipfoto (although depending on the image dimensions on Facebook, it could still have ignored the request). From today, Facebook are no longer accepting the extra information, and they will determine what thumbnail to use - so you may start to see slight differences.

It's not a change that's specific to Blipfoto - all users and apps within Facebook are subject to the same change.

For the more technical: if you're curious, you can find out more on the Facebook for Developers site. Look for the information on the Graph API.

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