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Survey Time Again

Well, it’s the height of summer here at Blip HQ (at least for some of us).  We’ve been enjoying the summer weather, whatever it throws at us (we’re not rubbing it in for those of you in the southern hemisphere, honest).  We’ve been keeping the site on an even keel and really enjoying all the new content being produced by Michele (and Tanya) on the Blip Community Blog.  It’s also great to see the response to the daily challenges you organise yourselves.  Many thanks to the organisers, you’re great.

Anyway, we want to get your feedback on the site so we’ve again enlisted the help of Ruth at Ruthless Research (MrsCyclops) and produced another community consultation to get your thoughts.  We’ve split this into three main areas:
·      The Blipfoto community
·      Site features
·      Growing Blipfoto 
It should take about ten minutes to complete and will be available until 20th August.  Please be assured that the survey is anonymous: you will not be asked to tell us your name at any point.
Since our successful community buy-out in 2016, Blipfoto has been community run and decisions are being made in consultation with the community.  Our first community consultation focused on potential membership models and was used to successfully launch our new membership scheme, resulting in Blipfoto becoming self-sustaining. 
This is our second community consultation, and it is designed to ask blippers their views on some of the questions and issues that have arisen over the last few months.  When everyone has had the chance to fill it in we’ll come back to you with a summary of the results.  The Directors will use the findings to make sure we use the resources we have in the best way to benefit the whole community.  The survey mentions various possible improvements or projects we could undertake – none of these are currently planned and some would require additional funding so please don’t be disappointed if these things don’t happen or don’t happen fast.  This is about setting priorities. 
Many thanks in advance for your support in completing the survey.
Annie, Bob, Graham and Ian


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