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The Great USA Eclipse

We asked our members to tag their images if they were lucky enough to see the total eclipse of the sun that happened across parts of the United States of America.  You didn’t disappoint.  We’ve had great fun going through the images posted of the event and can see that some people made considerable efforts to make sure they could experience this celestial event.
There were some stunning images including MaryElizaR who even entered her post into the MonoMonday Challenge.  Although only experiencing 93% totality Pipersmom created a fantastic record of the progression of the moon in front of the sun.
Amongst those making a special effort was Colstro who travelled to Nebraska from the U.K.  He has waited 60 years to experience an eclipse.  He wasn’t alone in being from the U.K. and being in the path of the total eclipse.  JohnGravett is currently leading a photographic group across some of the western U.S. national parks.  The group includes blippers  LooseCanon, Technophobe, DavidC and LizMBpics.
We had many people recording the people who waited patiently for the show.  Lexingtonbud included a family blipmeet in Wyoming; Kd was serenaded by a lad playing a ukulele as totality came and went; Scribbler burst into prose; And we even had a canine spectator, courtesy of Tookie.
Just because you weren’t under the path of totality, it didn’t mean you couldn’t join in with the spectacle.  ArtistAnnie lived up to her name with a different take on shadow art; KevinV also brought out his artistic side during a break from work; Lovemy3dogs also created a beautiful image under partially cloudy skies and Brentastic did a little home DIY to be able to view a partial eclipse.  We even caught our very own Community Co-ordinator getting in on the fun.
There were so many other images worthy of mention.  We know you will all have your own particular favourites and it would be impossible to mention all here.  We did ask people to tag their shots with ‘Eclipse2017’ if you want to have a look for yourself.
We also had a trawl through posts from yesterday and came across other images recording the eclipse.  They include an interrupted game of pickleball (which we have to admit we’d never heard of!); Girls going tribal with DDon; Cwrw Croyw brought out the big guns in Western Canada, while dvdlodi came across an arresting sight.
We know you’d have been out there anyway, so thanks to everyone for sharing your special day under the sun and the moon.

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