Total Eclipse, Teton Mountains USA

To be sure of getting to our intended destination in the zone of eclipse totality, in view of predicted road gridlock, we set off from our hotel at about 3.30am. In the event the traffic was light at that time and we got there about 5.30, nearly 5 hours ahead of the commencement of the partial eclipse and 6 hours ahead of totality. This meant that we could relax and take our time setting everything up and testing our exposures etc on the full sun itself with the 20-stop eclipse filters in place. Our fabulous guide-driver Mike also cooked sausages and eggs for our breakfast.

The weather was perfect and the eclipse began exactly on schedule (of course). Unsurprisingly lots of photos were taken of the partial eclipse. The period of totality (which was rather spooky but amazing!) lasted only about two and a half minutes so readjusting exposures whilst also wanting to watch the total phase directly was rather frantic. However we got some acceptable shots. The one I've uploaded here is rather similar to that blipped by fellow traveller Technophobe, but I guess that's not surprising. Small solar flares can be seen at intervals round the corona.

Our onward journey to Montpelier USA (Idaho not France - the French one has 2 "l"s) was slow because evertyone was leaving the eclipse watching areas. However we did arrive in time for a short rest before going out to eat.

The first extra shows our esteemed leader John Gravett checking his camera(!); the second is a faffed photo of driver Mike's mascot bear on the dashboard of the minibus, wearing his eclipse viewing glasses in a slightly unconventional (and unsafe!) way :-)

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