Tiny Tuesday: Confetti Star

John Gravett has reminded me that it's exactly a year since we were treated to the total solar eclipse during our fabulous photo holiday in the Western USA (see here and here).

Our sun is, of course, just one of very many stars. So, in honour of this, for today's Tiny Tuesday my Editor kindly supplied me with a tiny confetti star, 3mm across. It's slightly translucent so it produced a nicer photograph than a plain white one which she also offered. I photographed it with my macro lens plus extension tubes: it required some Photoshopping to make it gold (as usual I had to resort to Professor Google to find how to do that!). The "sunspots" are the result of tiny pieces of dust on the star: I tried to blow them off but ended up blowing the star onto the carpet from which I then had to retrieve it (with more dust on it!) - but in the end I decided that they gave a nice effect anyway.

Many thanks to osuzanna for hosting TT this month.

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