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Second Community Consultation Response

It is Ruth here – MrsCyclops – the researcher who has been working on the second Blipfoto membership consultation.

Thanks so much to everyone that took part, we had a brilliant response with 1,554 Blippers completing the survey - even more than the 1,281 that completed our first survey last year!  This is fantastic for us because not only does it mean that Blippers are really engaging with the Community Interest Company process, but it means that I can do loads of detailed data crunching and give the Directors plenty on information to help them to make evidence-based decisions and consider the needs and opinions of all kinds of Blippers.

I’ve sent a big long report to the Directors now, but we’d like to share a few of the key stats with you here:

* Blippers most often joined Blipfoto if it was recommended by a friend, or for the photography or journaling elements of the site.

* Whilst photography and journaling remained the most often selected reasons for continuing to Blip, being part of a community and habit were also often selected.

* 70% of Blippers had introduced new members to Blip.

* Just over half (55%) felt that they could introduce more new members to Blip in the future.

* 76% of Blippers felt that the current level of moderation was about right.

*  75% of Blippers were satisfied with the current level of interaction offered.

* 74% said that they would buy something from a Blipfoto shop.

* The majority of Blippers supported the current ‘rules’ of posting on the day:

       * 86% agreed that “Posting a photo against the day it was taken is part of what makes Blipfoto special”

       * Only 14% agreed that “The rule that photos must be posted against the day they were taken should be removed”

       * That said, around half felt that there should be a certain amount of leeway around occasional and acknowledged ‘violations’ of the ‘rules’.

So now we understand the patterns in how you interact with Blip and we have a great gauge of Blipper opinion. The Directors will take all of this information (and more) and use it to consider any next steps.  They'll be coming back to you once they've had time to get their heads together.
Thanks again to all for sharing your views and opinions.

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