By SweetArt

Could it get any prettier?

Summers in Hong Kong are amazing ... hot & humid BUT we have very low pollution, blue skies and gorgeous white fluffy clouds! Did I mention low pollution?

Had a very nice day out in town with Sharon and Mike. First to have coffee at a friend's coffee shop in Soho and then off to the China Visa Office to apply for visas for Sharon and Mike. And after 4 attempts at submitting the application, they were done, and visas get picked up on Thursday. I tell you, once you've been through the process of applying for a China visa, ANYTHING else is a piece of cake! Needless to say, one of us lost their cool a few times ;-).

Then a very filling lunch at The Outback Steakhouse in Wan Chai, right by Martin's office, but sadly he wasn't it, so we couldn't go see him :(.

Got this pic on the way back to the ferry. Hong Kong is just sooo picturesque at the moment.

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