By Livingandloving

Blueberry Buddies

We have been meeting friends every summer to pick blueberries.  It has been a variety of friends over the years.  This Saturday, we were able to meet up with several different folks.  We started our day with this little honey and her mama.  She is always so fun to be with, and Sugar just loves chasing her around, and keeping an eye on her.  

After a little over an hour, then left, and we took a break.  Then the second round of friends showed up.  Two of Sugar's classmates and their families.  We picked again.  I ended up with 17.5 lbs of berries in my buckets...and about .5 berries in my belly!  

We had a nice picnic in the shade, and most folks had ice cream.  It was a hot day of friends and fun.  

After we got home, I joined The Hubby at our shop to get the motor home ready for our up coming camp trip.  I needed many reminders of how to run all the different things.  It's a good thing we had time for this.  I would have been lost without the reminders.  

PS.  Back blipping quite a few tonight.

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