Female House Finch - I think...

This pretty little gal came to the deck today while I was resting in a chair with my camera in my lap. I took her photo and later was trying to figure out what kind of bird she was. By her bill I guessed finch. And when I googled Washington State finches I saw one that looked a lot like her, a female house finch. So that's my guess.

Had lunch with my friend Anna today. We went to a pizza / salad place where you can choose your own goodies to go in a salad or on a pizza. We did lots of talking and then drove by my new place. Couldn't go in because it is occupied. We drove home and Anna headed home with the bedding she came to borrow for a family gathering she is having soon.

The house is getting closer to being mine. Yesterday was the inspection. Today we requested the owners fix the few things that Jamie, the inspector, found. I told Jane I could close earlier than I thought. So it could happen just before I leave for art camp or just after I get back. I spent the morning going through the dining room bookcases and making piles of the keepers and the not keepers. I'm moving forward in my campaign to downsize all our stuff.

I met Steve in the park and we walked a bit before dinner. We greeted a neighbor on the way home whose husband died just days before Arvin did. She and I hugged and wished each other well. 

Steve stayed for dinner and we played one game. After he went home, I heard some neighbor gals talking and I went out to tell them about my up coming move. The three of us had a great long conversation. It seems that now I'm moving I'm spending more time with my neighbors. A bit ironic I think. 

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