The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Boys Will Fight

I heard the sound of a flicker as Steve and I talked on the phone. I looked out and there were two male Northern Flickers having a disagreement about who owned the suet feeder. I told Steve I had to go and grabbed my camera. I took a bunch of shots from the dining room and bedroom windows. I put several of them on Chaikins of Bellingham. This is the first time I've ever seen two males together disputing over the food. Before I took these shots the two stood on two adjacent feeder poles and did a dance for each other saying, "This is mine." "No, this is mine." From there it went on the the two on the suet feeder and sparring a bit. That I was able to photograph.

Today will be a busy one. I'm doing an errand for Helena and Lynda who are out of town but need something done here. Then at noon I'm going to the new house for the inspection. It is getting very exciting now.

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