The Fun Part

I know this photograph isn't fantastic but it does show how I spent quite a bit of my time today. But I digress...

I fell asleep late and woke early again. Sign. Fitbit says I had only 3.5 hours of sleep but I don't believe it. I know I didn't get up as early as it thinks I did, and I took an afternoon nap that wasn't quite long enough to register... but I digress again...

I drove to Samuels Furniture in Ferndale this morning to buy a recliner sofa. After I tried out the one my neighbors have during a visit with them, I knew I wanted one for the new house. My current sofa and love seat are close to 30 years old and have been covered with slip covers for at least five years. It was time. I got to the store at 10. It opened at 11. So I called my friend Judith to see if she wanted to have coffee. She was in the final stages of preparing for an afternoon wedding at her house this afternoon so we both agreed another time would be better. Then I remembered Tennent Creek, a favorite walking place of mine, so I went there and took a very nice walk. 

Then I went to the store and looked at sofas. I thought I couldn't get a powered recliner because the sofa will be free standing.but it turns out that they have a battery accessory that allows you to have a powered free standing sofa. I chose this one. The taupe color is good for me and will allow me to choose any accent colors. I will be using teal and red because my oriental rug is teal and I have pillows my aunt made that are teal and red. 

On my way out I passed a really nice side chair. I sat and discovered it was a swivel rocker. The color was muted teal (different from the one ni the link) and it was very comfortable. So I located Lou who had sold me the sofa and bought the chair too. They will be sitting in Samuels' warehouse until I move into the new place.

When I got home I took a nap and then began measuring and building a floor plan and little pieces of graph paper representing my furniture. I am not sure the floor plan is accurate. All I had were the outside dimensions and a bunch of pictures of the rooms. Tomorrow is the inspection. I plan to bring my tape measure and measure. I had fun doing this project today. I took the photo so I could put it all away and still remember what I did.

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