Flowers at WWU

Last night I finally slept like a log (though one wonders if logs really sleep at all). I had a leisurely breakfast and puttered for awhile. Fed the birds. Fed the cats. Finally I got down to business and boxed up most of our Chilton pens. The Chilton Pen Company actually began as the Crocker Pen Company. The earliest pens they made were in the early 1900s and the last they made were in the 1940s. They didn't think they needed to advertise because their pens were so beautiful and well made (and they were) but sadly they did need to get the word out and the company folded by the late 40s. Their last pens were far inferior to their best ones.  We got our first two Chiltons at a country auction for $5 and $7. They were beautiful and extremely well made. They were from the best period and Arvin decided he wanted to focus on them. Over the years we got quite a few and today I put most of them into two boxes for mailing to Five Star Pens so they can sell them on eBay. I did a lot of reminiscing as I packed them.

I met my friend Pat and we went to Busara for dinner and then headed up to WWU to a Bellingham Festival of Music concert. It was all Beethoven, his fourth piano concerto and third symphony. Jeremy Denk was the pianist and he was amazing, fingers flying like fire, and emotion from tender and sweet to strong and powerful. Really wonderful. Those two works are among my favorite so I was perpetually grinning the whole evening. At the intermission I went out to look at the sunset. A fellow pointed to these flowers and said, "you should take a photo of these" so I did. Topaz Impressions turned them into this.

I am home now and will soon head off to bed. I am hoping for another good night of sleep. Thank you all so much for the hearts and stars on yesterday's sunset photo.

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