End of a Wonderful Day

It was too late to post this blip on the day. And I was bone tired because I hadn't gotten enough sleep for several nights. Making life changing decisions usually messes with my sleep for a few days. Last night I was able to have a full night of restful sleep. So here I am back blipping yesterday's blip.

I spent the early part of the day working on getting things together for the house to condo move. I went around the house and put pink tags on stuff I really wanted to keep, blue ones on the "it has got to go" stuff and green tags on the "still making up my mind" stuff. Amazing how calming that was, to be able to see a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. It made me realize that I can do this. I just need to remember what Arvin called the salami principle: one slice at a time. Things are moving along well with the business side of things too.

Steve came by to pick my up around six to go downtown and attend the art walk. I had two things I really wanted to do: sign up for the shared studio in the Bay Street Village building, and go to the Fourth Corner Frames gallery to see my friend Lynn's wonderful gourds that were part of the show there. Also my former teacher Lorna Libert's work was there too. 

Mission accomplished. I met Pat at the gallery and we talked about space. It is likely that a double spot will be available in the next few weeks and it will work very well for me. So Pat is making sure it is available and I am going to take it. If it isn't, there is another spot free so I am definitely going to have a space in the group studio. During the art walk I met another artist who just moved here six months ago. We hit it off and plan to get together to have me photograph some creatures for her to paint. It should be fun. That will happen after I join the group studio. She has her own shared studio with another artist.

The show at Fourth Corner was great. Steve and I talked to Lorna and met some folks who were buying one of Steve's prints. They were thrilled to meet the artist. The fellow's parents were there too and were very appreciative of my brother's skill and mastery. So it all went well. While I was there I fell in love with one of Lynn's gourds and had to buy it. I know. I am downsizing. But that just means one more something from my home will have to go. 

I am really getting excited about my move. I called Fran who will do the estate sale and it looks like that will happen in September. So I can put the house on the market after that. If the market stays as it is now I should have no trouble selling my house. (Fingers crossed.) I know I'm taking a bit of a chance but I do think it will all work out okay.

After the art walk Steve and I drove to Zuanich Park to walk and take in the amazing sunset. That's where I took this photo.

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