Not Quite Full

When I saw the moon this evening I had to photograph it. I checked the calendar thinking it must be full, but nope. Not until Sunday. Could have fooled me. Did actually. Ha ha.

I went to see my favorite retinologist this morning for the six month check up on my eye surgery. I got such a good review that he suggested I come back in a year. I teased him a bit as I usually do, saying, "How will we be able to tease each other if I don't come back for a year?" He laughed. I was very happy with my report. Steve drove me so we did an errand or two and went to lunch together. Then he dropped me off at the Alzheimer's support group. There was a big group and it was good to see everybody and find out what was going on in their lives. And I turned in my application to volunteer. I warned Leslie that I wouldn't be able to do much immediately because of the impending move. But I do plan to help out after I get settled.

After the meeting Glenda drove me home. Raven was there working on the yard so we chatted a bit and then I drove down to meet Helena for am early dinner at the Old World Deli. I like their food and H did too. It was her first time there. We took a walk after and stopped at Creswell Bogs, a nifty store full of crazy stuff and lots of greeting cards. I got an idea for Jason's birthday present and picked up some of the parts of it I won't say what it is because my blips go to Facebook and Jason reads them. This evening I put the gift together and tomorrow I'll mail it.

I took a walk in the woods when I got home. I will really miss the three parks that are within walking distance of my home now. There is a small park near my new house but nothing like what is here. Clearly I'll have to drive up and visit these parks after I move.

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