Red Chair

I got three hours of sleep last night. As often happens with me, when I make a really big decision I have one crazy sleepless night (hopefully that is all) where I wake up and think about the consequences of my actions. Last night was no exception. I started to wonder worry deeply about how I would ever manage to get everything done to weed through all our stuff and pick out the keepers. I almost tried actually did try to cancel the process thinking, "I can't do this!" (Think a very loud piercing scream.) Saner thoughts prevailed however when I called my son in New York and we talked about what I was feeling. And I talked to my therapist who was away in Oregon. Both reminded me that I've been wanting to downsize for a very long time. And that I can hire somebody to help me sort through stuff (not to mention the fact that several people have already offered to help). This calmed me down and I re thought and realized that I really do love the place and really do want to live in a smaller, easier to care for, less expensive, place. So I contacted Jane (after having sent her a really anxious email) and she told me that she had lost her phone and hadn't even received the first one until after I'd sent a second one. Sigh.

So I continued to implement our plan. I went to the bank and applied for a mortgage to buy the condo with no involvement of this house. Once I own it I will move everything I want to keep there and then have the mother of all estate sales at my current house. I even have somebody in mind to run it. She used to own an antique store called Eartha Kitty (the name of the resident big black cat) and is a certified appraiser. She knows how to make estate sales into events that attract buyers. The hard part for me is deciding what stays and what goes. After the sale we will get the house ready and put it on the market. When it sells I can decide whether to pay the mortgage off or some of it.

Today I painted in open studio and continued working on my portrait of Arvin and me. It is moving along nicely. I posted today's progress on my painting in the extras.

Since the new condo doesn't have a studio I have decided to find one to rent in town. During lunch break I went upstairs to see if my old studio mate, Ken, might have space in his studio for me. He was out and as I was beginning to head downstairs I noticed that the group studio across the hall from him was looking for a person to fill an empty space. I called and it looks like I have a place to paint. And the price is right too. (Sometimes the universe just moves along ever so soothly, and that is what this felt like today.)

After painting I went to the credit union and applied for a mortgage. When I got home I scanned and sent the fellow the things he needed to complete the process. Then I took a walk (where I took the photo that I played with to create this blip.) I came home and made left over dinner and now my head is nodding. Tonight I think I will sleep well. I need it.

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