Spotted Twin

They still have spots. I saw the same two little fawns today that I've seen in the past. They are a bit bigger but are still sporting their spots. So lovely to see.

Today I had lunch with my painting friends at the Colophon Cafe where our paintings are on display. Nice to see the work of my friends, and one of my paintings, on the restaurant wall. Had a lovely chat and especially loved seeing Kathleen who I have not seen for quite awhile. She has gone back to school and is getting an AA in Graphic Design in the same program where I got mine in 2003. Some of the same instructors are there so I sent my greetings to them via Kathleen.

Arvin and I went to the second Festival of Music concert this evening. It was fantastic. Wonderful playing by the violin soloist who played a Mozart concerto, and the orchestra. I am so delighted they are here again. This is the Festival's 23rd season and Arvin and I have seem them all. Every year we get season's tickets and bask in the beauty of really fine classical music. Lucky us.

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