Now I've done it. I went out with Jane for one last perusal of the available real estate in my price range and we visited a condo that I fell in love with. It is too early. I will be adding stress by moving on top of everything else. I am probably crazy. But...

I made an offer and it was accepted. This is really not an impulse (or not completely anyhow) because I've been thinking of down sizing for a long time. I just couldn't take any action while Arvin was still here as he had no desire at all to move. And later in his illness it would have been bad to move him to another home. Moving him to Silverado was hard enough. So I pictured a condominium which didn't feel like a condominium, small but not too small, new enough to be free of maintenance needs. And today I met the place in person.

It is a bit smaller than I thought I'd need, two bedrooms instead of three. Otherwise it is wonderful. Here is the quote in the real estate ad:

Cozy, single level 2 bedroom, 2 bath condominium with attached single garage. 55+ adult community. This home is a detached single family home but considered a condo. Open floor plan features vaulted ceilings, tile floors with radiant heating, gas fireplace & custom built-ins throughout. Accessible unit with accommodating walk-in tub/shower and finished attic storage in garage. Private fenced backyard and patio area.

I liked the place the minute I walked in. The living area is spacious. There is a raised ceiling in the kitchen with windows that add light to the area. There is a large master and a smaller second bedroom. No studio space so I'll have to come up with a Plan B. But to be honest I haven't painted in my studio for a very long time. I might be able to use the smaller bedroom for a studio or part of the garage. The laundry room has built ins all around including a little desk and many many shelves. The house was built in 2004 so it's new enough to be in really great shape. 

It is in a small development for seniors called Heronwood, near the community college where I used to work. You can see some pictures of the condo here.

I drove down to Anacortes after signing the papers to spend the evening with my brother and sister-in-law Dave and Nora. We were joined by Steve and Kai and two couples who are our friends. We had a lovely evening together. I came home before the fireworks because I was really tired. When I got home I found the offer has been accepted and I have to get going on the next step. Yikes!

Meanwhile Happy Birthday USA! May you fulfill the promises made by your forefathers to provide a place for your citizens to thrive, a place of acceptance, support and respect for all.

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